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Vehicle data card

Vehicle data card

The meaning of each field on the vehicle data card is as follows. Because there are so many variations in addition to this, please refer to the extent that he has recorded about something like this.

Column number German on the cards English

1 Vehicle data Vehicle Data
2 Fg No. Vehicle (chassis) number
3 Motor-N Engine number
4 Type Type
5 Order No. Order number
6 Product No. Product number
7 Transmission Transmission number
8 Vert. Transmission
9 PTO Transfer case number (4matic)
11 Front tire 1 Tyres front l/h
12 Tyres front 2 Tyres front r/h
13 Tyres rear l/h
14 Tires Rear 2 Tyres rear r/h
15 Heating Heater
16 Rims Rims
17 Shine Headlights
18 Windshield wiper Windsceenwipers
19 Winch Cable winch
20 Wegdrehz-A Speedo
21 Front axle 1 Axle front l / h
22 Front axle 2 Axle front r/h
23 Axis hint 1 Axle rear l/h
24 Axis hint 2 Axle rear r/h
25 Construction / cab
26 Platform
26 VIN Vehicle identification number
27 Anh-Kupp. Tow bar
29 Steering Steering
30 Equipment Interior trim code
31 Lack/L-Zus1 Colour 1
32 Lack/L-Zus2 Colour 2
33 Lack/L-Zus3 Colour 3
34 Lack/L-Zus4 Colour 4
35 Lack/L-Zus5 Colour 5
36 Turschloss By locks
37 Steering lock Steering lock
38 Gear lock Transmission lock
39 Tank-cap lock Fuel tank lock
40 Delay

タイヤ (# 11 ~ # 14): 承認タイヤ銘柄

外装色コード (# 31 ~ # 35): 标准色系 , メタリック系色

色内装コード (# 30)

The first digit: 0 = fabric, 1 = MB-Tex, 2 = Leather, Velour 9 =
2 truss head: 5 = ma で December 1984, 7 = ma で August 1988, September 1988, 6 = dynasties

3桁目: 1=Black, 2=Blue, 3=Brazil, 4=Tan, 5=Cream, 6=Green, 7=Red, 8=Gray
Exterior color combinations for the upper and lower color pages of exterior color combinations are indicated.

Interior colors for the exterior color of the page (in English) are organized as well. Interior color code table in the first half, and exterior color codes table in the middle. Exterior Color 190 (in German) Some pages may together nicely. Return to the previous page

In the card, next to the field is lined with several three-digit numbers. This means approximately the following, which shows how the vehicle is equipped with whatever. Even without this in the next page (in English) (code table on pages with the second half) could have been written.

This equipment and color codes the code above a page of a batch are also provided. Tire pressure Instructions 207, FOREIGN language 208 Instructions Tire pressure, FOREIGN language two hundred twelve Rear axle, 3.92 ratio 215 Spring suspension with Increased ground Clearance (Harder Springs) two hundred nineteen Brake Booster Rear Door Door Contacts two hundred twenty two hundred and twenty-one Central Steering lock & locking filler cap mechanism for two hundred and twenty-one VACUUM-controlled Central locking First aid Box 222 installed two hundred and twenty-four Lighting Luggage compartment windshield 229 (Heat-absorbing glass) with two hundred thirty Used Body Mechanical five-speed trans parts. Floor shift with two hundred thirty DB Engine 5-speed transmission with Mounting Used Floor shift for two hundred and thirty DB 5-speed manual transmission with 230 Instruments for use ratios Road optional five-speed transmission with two hundred thirty Mechanical Floor shift (with code 232) two hundred thirty-Series Propeller shaft transmission for use with non Speedometer shaft two hundred thirty two hundred and thirty 5-speed ZF transmission Rear axle two hundred thirty-two 3.92 or 4.08 ratio with two hundred and thirty-three Wiring Fog lamp special 235 Electric Windows, two two hundred thirty-six Electric Windows, Four Bucket seats two hundred thirty-seven two hundred thirty-seven Overtaking signal light for vehicles exported to Austria two hundred thirty-eight Bucket seats two hundred and forty-four Floor carpets two hundred forty-six Rear window (Electrically Heated) Additional two hundred and forty-seven Box FUSE two hundred forty-seven Rear window (Electrically Heated) Additional two hundred and forty-eight Box FUSE two hundred forty-eight Electrically Heated Rear window two hundred and forty-nine Additional FUSE Box 249 Rear window (Electrically Heated) 249 Rear window Pane, Heat-absorbing & Electrically Heated 252 Becker "Europa" AM-FM stereo cassette player with two hundred fifty-five Instruments for use with optional ratios Road two hundred fifty-five Rear axle, 3.69 ratio Rear axle with limited-SLIP differential two hundred fifty-six two hundred fifty-seven Frigiking AIR conditioner Radiator Shroud two hundred and fifty-seven two hundred and fifty-eight A / C (Thermoking) two hundred and sixty No Designation on rear LID type regulator and Cut-out for two hundred sixty-two Shielded alternator 263 four hundred watt Generator two hundred and sixty-four Reinforced Clutch two hundred sixty-nine Roof Rack two hundred seventy Cover for Roof Rack two hundred and seventy-one Instrument panel (knotted Walnut Veneer) two hundred seventy-four Lengthened seat guide (Rails for Front seat shifted Toward the rear) two hundred and seventy-five Driver's seat with strip Steel Springs (Lower) 278 Orthopedic backrest, Front seat left two hundred seventy-nine Mechanical Antenna on Front fender 280 Trunk set, three-piece, for 250Sl 281 Trunk set, three-piece, with rear bench seat for 250Sl two hundred eighty-two Trunk set, Six-piece, for Coupe or Sedan Trunk set two hundred and eighty-three , Four-piece, for 250Sl with rear bench seat with Folding back two hundred and eighty-four Trunk set, Five-piece, for Cabriolet two hundred eighty-five Trunk set, Six-piece two hundred eighty-six Parcel NETS Behind driver's seat (two pieces) two hundred eighty-nine Ski fixture 291 Suitcase two hundred and ninety-two Medium size vanity case two hundred ninety-three Small vanity case 294 Hatbox case two hundred ninety-five Necessity Mountings 297 Trunk Strap and Trunk Strap and Mountings 298 302 Orthopedic backrest, right seat Front 305 fan Viscous Coupling three hundred and five fan Hydraulic Coupling 306 A / C Hoses three hundred and six A / C (Behr) (with code 305) 306 A / C parts Electrical Cable Harnesses on three hundred and six U.S. vehicles (LHD) Electrical system 306 with AIR conditioner Used three hundred and six Frigiking AIR conditioner Radiator Shroud 306 three hundred and fifteen Hazard Warning light unit and three hundred sixteen Sender Electronic Hazard Warning Hazard Warning light 338 Safety belts (USA lap straps), two, Front three hundred thirty-nine Safety belts (lap straps USA), two, rear 344 Units Lighting Halogen Headlamps three hundred and forty-four, Units Lighting Halogen foglamps three hundred and forty-five three hundred forty-six Halogen Lighting Units 395 Interior trimming - Leather with fabric combined 404 Orthopedic backrests, Front seat 404L Front seats W / Orthopedic back rest 405 Orthopedic backrests, Front seat Front seats 405R W / Orthopedic back rest 410 Electric sliding sun Roof W / Wind Deflector four hundred and ten Roof Electric sliding sun sliding Manual 411 Roof W / Wind Deflector four hundred and eleven Sliding Roof Body parts for four hundred and twenty auto. trans. Floor shift with carpets Floor 420 Floor shift for automatic transmission four hundred twenty four hundred twenty Folding Front seat armrest (with Floor Sh1Ft Used) Instruments for use with four hundred twenty ratios Opt1Onal Road four hundred and twenty-one Floor carpets Instruments for use with optional four hundred twenty-one Road ratios for four hundred twenty-four Body parts four-speed manual trans. with shift Floor 424 Floor carpets 424 Folding Front seat armrest (Used with Floor shift) four hundred and twenty-eight DB Engine 5-speed transmission with Mounting Used Floor four hundred twenty-eight 5-speed manual transmission shift for DB 428 five-speed transmission with Mechanical Floor shift four hundred twenty-eight Speedometer shaft 430 Headrests, rear seat Speedometer shaft four hundred forty four hundred fifty Front seat Reinforced Core (Peerless Springing) Two-tone Horn four hundred fifty-two English Instruments 461 Instruments for use with optional four hundred and sixty-one ratios Road 462 Rear Foglamp four hundred sixty-three Hazard Warning light -controlled four hundred sixty-six Central Vacuum locking 471 special version I Export Export special version II 472 473 Low compression engine parts altitude four hundred and seventy-four Engine Undershielding four hundred eighty-one, Metal Spring suspension with four hundred eighty-two Clearance Increased ground for four hundred ninety-one Used Bulbs Headlamps, foglamps, and Backup light Crystal clear foglamps 491 (USA) 491 Safety Covering four hundred and ninety-two Starting relay Ignition (LH Drive) Heavy duty Heat exchanger four hundred ninety-two four hundred ninety-five Covering Safety 499 Safety Covering five hundred and two outside rearview M1Rror five hundred and three outside rearview mirror five hundred and ten Becker "Monte Carlo" (M) five hundred twelve Becker "Brescia" (M) 513 Becker "Europa" AM-FM stereo five hundred fifteen Becker "Europa" AM-FM five hundred seventeen Becker "Monte Carlo" (LM) five hundred eighteen Becker "Mexico" AM-FM stereo cassette Becker Grand Prix five hundred nineteen FM stereo with cassette player AM- five hundred and twenty-two "Reims B" for short adapter Reception-Wave Antenna 531, automatic W / selective height adjustment 531 Antenna on Front fender Front fender 532 Antenna on five hundred thirty-three Short-range radio suppression Front fender on five hundred and thirty-four Antenna adapter five hundred forty Seat, Front seats BETWEEN Units Lighting Halogen five hundred forty-one NET and Partition 541 Luggage Cover five hundred and forty-six Funnel-Type Gasoline Can (Alboy) five hundred and fifty HEAD Ball Hitching mechanism W1Th Electrical fixture type (only with forty-eight / 0) Ivory-colored five hundred and fifty-one Steering wheel Front seat five hundred and fifty-one Reinforced Core (Peerless Springing) 553 Luggage compartment and interior for Dust Sealing Reinforced 561L Spring frame for seats Front seat five hundred and sixty-two Reinforced Core (Peerless Springing) 56Zr Spring Reinforced frame for seats Fog Lights 569 Automatic Switch-Off of 570 Arm rest, Front Center Folding five hundred seventy Front seat armrest (long version) five hundred and seventy Folding Front seat armrest (Used with Floor shift) 571 Front seat & rear seat bench backrest parts for use with Headrest Headrests five hundred and seventy-one five hundred and seventy-one Front Headrests Used for single seats & rear bench seat five hundred seventy-two Front-seat & rear-seat-bench backrest parts for use with Headrest Headrests Used for single S72 Front seats & rear bench seat 572 Headrests Headrests Used for single five hundred seventy-three Front & rear seat bench seats five hundred eighty A / C symbol plate five hundred eighty Air conditioning 581 A / C (Thermoking) five hundred eighty-three Electric Cable Harness for Windows (USA) 583 Carpet Floor Cable Harness 584 for Electric Windows (USA) five hundred and eighty-four Carpet Floor five hundred and eighty-four Windows, Electric, Front / rear seat five hundred eighty-seven Front Folding armrest (Used with Floor shift) five hundred eighty-seven Folding Front seat armrest (long version) 590 Rear window (Electrically Heated) five hundred ninety-one Rear window (Electrically Heated ) five hundred ninety-two Rear window (Electrically Heated) 592 Side Windows (Heat-absorbing glass) 593 Rear window (Electrically Heated) 593 Rear window (Heat-absorbing glass) Used for six hundred ten Bulbs Headlamps, foglamps, and Backup light Halogen foglamps 610 610 Halogen Lighting Units Sealed beam Headlights for LH 611 traffic 612 for RH traffic Sealed beam Headlights Headlamps for six hundred and thirteen countries with traffic LH 616 Combined tail lamps Halogen foglamps six hundred and sixteen six hundred eighteen Units Halogen Lighting Halogen Lighting Units six hundred and nineteen 620 Headlamps, Lighting Units 630 Instructions Tire pressure, radial tires 633 Warning Triangle fifteen 636-in. disc Wheels (with only two hundred and thirty-two Codes and four hundred and eighty-two) Wheel Discs for fifteen 636-in. Wheels for six hundred forty 7.00X15 tires & Aluminum Mounting Spare wheel disc Wheels Wheels six hundred forty, light alloy (forged) 641 White-wall code with six hundred thirty-six tires 646 15-in. disc Wheels for six hundred forty-six Mounting Spare wheel disc 7.oox15 tires & Aluminum Wheels Battery for use in tropical countries six hundred seventy-four six hundred seventy-seven Battery for use in tropical countries, Higher Capacity six hundred eighty-one Instructions Tire pressure, FOREIGN language Steering seven hundred forty-seven wheel, Ivory Cup with seven hundred fifty-five Hub Spring Contact Pin and Socket Notched seven hundred seventy-nine Light Socket for Inspection (in Engine Compartment) 801 Change of model year, the figure Shows Last year the new model 802 Change of model year, the new model the Last figure Shows year 803 Change of model year, the figure Shows Last year the new model 804 Change of model year, the figure Shows Last year the new model 805 Change of model year, the figure Shows Last year the new model 806 Change of model year, the Last figure Shows the new model year 807 Change of model year, the figure Shows the new model Last year eight hundred and eight of Change model year, the figure Shows Last year the new model 809 Change of model year, the figure Shows the new model Last year eight hundred and eleven Speakers Rear Control fader with eight hundred thirty-one Safety belts 835 Coco Mats, Front & rear Floor Mounted Fire extinguisher 836 eight hundred and thirty-nine Lighted glove compartment Rear seat eight hundred forty-three Divided 2/3L - 1/3R Foldinq 844 Third rear-facing seat Electrically Heated seats 870L 871R Electrically Heated seats Electrically-Heated rear seat eight hundred seventy-two Sticking spotlight 875 and 876 Rear Door Courtesy light Contacts rear 877 in Reading Lights Ornamental Ring for eight hundred and seventy-eight Chromium Plated Rim 4.50K x thirteen -eight hundred seventy-nine Front-seat & rear seat bench backrest parts for use with Headrest- eight hundred seventy-nine Front Used parts seat backrest with Headrest eight hundred and seventy-nine Front Headrests Used for single seats & rear bench seat eight hundred seventy-nine Headrest, rear left 880 Front seat backrest parts Used Headrest with eight hundred and eighty-seat Front & rear-seat-bench backrest parts for use with Headrest Headrests Used for eight hundred eighty Front seats & rear bench seat single eight hundred and eighty Headrest, rear right eight hundred eighty-seven Low-Pressure Tire (6.40 - thirteen, six-Ply) 887 Front seat Reinforced Core (Springing Peerless), left eight hundred eighty-eight Safety belts Front seat with eight hundred and ninety Spring Reinforced cores, right eight hundred and ninety-one safety belts, Front & rear seats eight hundred and ninety-one Safety belts Safety belts eight hundred ninety-two eight hundred ninety-three Reinforced bench seat 893 Safety belts, Front & rear seats 900 Flagstaff and holder, left nine hundred and one Flagstaff and holder, right 902 Standard holder, left 903 Standard holder, right 909 Towing attachment . rear signal system for police cars Special nine hundred twelve nine hundred fifteen Additional Battery Additional Battery 916 nine hundred and forty-seven Standard & Rod holder, left nine hundred forty-eight Standard & Rod holder, right one thousand one hundred and twenty-eight Ski Racks 1,332 Roof Luggage Rack on one thousand three hundred and ninety-nine Second Spare Wheel Bracket one thousand four hundred twelve Fog Lights for 1428 Right Blower Ventilator duct 1,436 Reclining Seat Fittings Plate 1438 Nationality Headrest 1,439 1,440 windshield Washer with Hand Pump Fitted Suitcases 1 441 1 463 Glove Compartment Lock 1,475 Reversing Light (for Police Cars)

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